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New universal tools (Genekam ready to use PCR kits) to discover the unknown strains of all influenza viruses

We are developing some universal solutions to detect all influenza viruses of different 15H types (H1 to H15) and 9N (N1 to N9) types. These solutions will give all laboratories around the world the tools to detect the unknown strains circulating in wild life, domestic animals as well as the possibility to detect them in old stored samples. This will create new opportunities to trace the new strains, which may be unknown in the literature or in the region. Similarly these kits will offer the possibility to any laboratory  equipped with PCR to conduct research and generate a number of new thesis. We are going to include the genesequencing possibilities as one has to get the final results through genesequencing as well as chemicals for doing genesequencing through user, if he does not like to send us the samples. The assays can be conducted on gel agarose. One can create the plasmids also to do more research work with help of these kits. Some of assays are based on different genes of influenza viruses like HA, PB1, PB2, PA, NA, M, NSP, NS. Similarly one can do the amplification of the Neuraminidase genes like  N1, N2, N3, N4, N5, N6, N7, N8, N9 with our kits. They are very simple to use. User has to isolate the RNA from any organisms like poultry, bird, goat, pig, horse, dog, cat, lion and human beings. One can use them to find new viruses of influenza e.g. H3N1, H2N1, H6N4 etc. It seems that H3N1 will be the next influenza viruses, for which the whole world is going to hunt as there are many reports about the presence of this new strains, which is being circulated in pig population in USA, Italy, Korea etc. On the basis of genesequencings, one can predict a number of features of the virus e.g. new, pathogenic to particular species, drug resistance, host range, sensitivity of the drug, vaccine options etc. The user  can publish these sequences in different publications or online services. With the availability of these assays, today any PCR laboratory in the world is in the position to do research and give excellent results. Such publications can help to deepen the knowledge about the influenza viruses available in the nature. Similarly one can detect also drug resistant strains also as Genekam universal tools are the best to discover them. Such tools are a must for all laboratories working on influenza viruses around the world.  

1. Universal Fluhunter 1: Universal PCR kit for Matrix gene (M-gene) decoding and detection of all Influenza viruses K334A    100 reactions + genesequencing chemicals included     Euro 799,-

If the user has the possibility of doing genesequencing, he can perform himself this as the needed material is included.

1.1 Universal Fluhunter 1: Universal PCR kit for Matrix gene (M-gene) of all Influenza viruses K334B    100 reactions + 10 genesequencing  Euro 1199,-

If the user has the possibility of doing genesequencing as he needs to send us only PCR product in one microtube. This can be done with normal post. The results of genesequencing will be sent through email.

2. Universal Fluhunter 2: Universal PCR kit for Hemagglutinin gene (HA-gene) decoding and detection of influenza viruses   K336            100 reactions + 10 genesequencings      Euro 1199,-

This assay will allow you to detect the HA gene of influenza viruses. Through the genesequencing, one can find the type of virus. The genesequencing service is included in the price as one need to send us only PCR kit product in the PCR tube in one letter. The results of genesequencing will be sent through email.  This will help you to detect the H1 to H15 types of influenza viruses.

3. Universal Fluhunter 2: Universal PCR kit for all Influenza viruses (H1 to H15 and N1 to N9)    100 reactions  + 10 genesequencings    Euro ask

4. Universal Fluhunter 3: Universal PCR kit for all Influenza viruses (H1 to H15)        100 reactions + 10 genesequencings    Euro 1999,-

5. Universal Fluhunter 4: Universal PCR kit for all Influenza virus Neuraminidase genes (N1, N2, N3, N4, N5, N6, N7, N8, N9)    100 reactions+ 20 genesequencings    Euro ask

Contents of kits: Reverse transcriptase, PCR Mastermix, buffer, primers, positive control, negative control, loading dye as well as generuler. This kit needs isolated RNA, which can be isolated in house made methods or commercial kits. All kits will be shipped with quality certificate. The self life of the kit is one year.